Chlorine Dioxide – dispelling the myths

The internet is an incredibly useful research tool. It allows us to source and share information instantaneously. Unfortunately, this means that myths and misconceptions can spread very quickly and obscure the truth. In this post, we aim to tackle some of the myths that surround chlorine dioxide, and how this differs from our chlorine dioxide [...]

Why you should be wary of using chlorine to treat drinking water

Clean drinking water is something we often take for granted. At the turn of a tap, we have access to chlorinated water for every day use. However, for people who don’t want or can’t access scheme water, there is often a question of how to treat other water sources to make them safe. Chlorine is [...]

How to care for your water tank

Caring for your water tank not only makes it last longer, it keeps the water safe for you and your family. Follow our care tips and you will always be able to rely on your tank. Inspect the tank every 3 months Inspecting your tank helps you identify leaks and damage. Repairing these early goes [...]

What methods of disinfecting water are there?

The aim behind disinfecting water is to make it safe to drink. As the water experts, Natural Water Solutions will look at some of the different methods to disinfect water and their advantages and disadvantages. To be considered for this list, the disinfectant must: Destroy all types of pathogens, regardless of volume, present in the [...]

The Efficacy of Disinfectants Against Plant Pathogens

In late 2015 , a journal article from the European Journal of Plant Pathology was published on research regarding the efficacy of different disinfectants against plant pathogens in irrigation water. All testing as done by the Department of Primary Industries here in Australia for the horticulture and agriculture industries.  The disinfectants tested included chlorine, chlorine [...]